Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Public University student disciplined for reading a book on break

the book has "ku klux klan" in the title-and it actually happens to be anti klan

but obviously that shouldn't even be relevant...public universities shouldn't be able to punish people for reading book while they are on break...especially not becuase they dislike the content


UPDATE: The university has backtracked somewhat.


Martin Weiss said...

What if you worked for ABC, Inc. and the title of the book was,

"How to Kill your Boss and the other top level people at ABC, Inc. and then rape all the pretty women and hold everybody else hostage for ransom"

and the book actually was a 'how to' murder, rape, kidnap manual?

George Weiss said...

abc INC is not a public university

you need state/fed action to trigger the first amendment (such as a state hand punishing you for something you said, or somebody trying to sue you for something you said)

private parties cannot be sued for first amendment violations, even if they can use it as a defense against suit