Sunday, March 2, 2008

executive branch too enticing?

This is a post from the Times UK about a stratgy Obama may try. Namely, he is thinking of offering republicans spots in a prospective Obama administration in order to get republican votes.

Ok so what right?

Well, a few of the people hes thinking of using are currently US senators.

Now, it may be just me, but it seems to me that US senator is probably the most prestigious elected office in the federal government next to US president-the latter being the most powerful job in the world. Thus, it seems to me that he is assuming a person would be willing to leave the Senate, in order to join the Cabinet of a president.

Last time I checked, elected officials were supposed to be more influential and powerful than appointed ones. Yet, this seems to indicate people would rather hold some relatively benign cabinet post (say-secretary of the interior) then be a elected official of the highest caliber in the federal government.


Martin Weiss said...

odd name

nice scope

nice design

still some spelling problems

Martin Weiss said...


We've never had anyone move from the Senate to become Secretary of Transportation.

However, one of Carter's appointees (Neil Goldschmidt) became governor after serving as Sec of Transp.

It is however not a happy story since several years later this same fellow confessed to statutory rape.

Sam said...

Well, the spelling error is unfortunate, but I'm sure by the time you become famous you'll have a story about how it's really intentional and a clever word-play.

Just for the record, I'm not a blogger-type.