Thursday, March 13, 2008

via drudge..possible florida/michigan deal

Just as I predicted after seeing the "campaign contributions" of the candidates to the superdelegates (and others predicted along he way):

Clinton is negotiating a possible deal to seat Florida's delagates without a redo..(with a half penalty)

even at half penalty-this gives Clinton an outrageously unfair advantage (as she won Florida by a lot because Obama didn't campaign there pursuant to the rules-and Clinton broke the rules and did campaign there.)

so the deal is..we reward Clinton for cheating in the election??? how can anyone pretend this is a fair system after this kind of deal?

and of course-I can't even imagine Obama has a legal remedy-parties have a right to nominate whoever they want however they want-probably even breaking the preset rules..even if they didn't the courts would probably find it a non justiciable political question.

at least they are just going to divide Michigan evenly-since Obama wasn't even on the ballot in that state

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