Wednesday, March 12, 2008

2 local police screwups inthe news in one day (ok-diffrent places-but local cops both times)

screwup 1-he looked drunk so they stopped him....but then he blew a 0.0 ...nevertheless they arrest him. Turns out, as he told the cop, he was on pain meds and was rushing to the hospital. Because he was detained for the bogus dui..he almost died. (via instapundit)

screwup 2-she was locked up on a friday-and they forgot about her over the weekend-no food or water and in cell for 3-4 days (thanks to Miriam Lederman)

note: most governments have a state law that caps tort suits against the state or local governments to a certain amount per person and another amount per even if these people get judgments for a million dollars each-it will cap out at whatever the statutory maximum is.

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