Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Outrageous Hillary Arguments:

Hillary argues that ALL the delegates from Michigan should go to her BECAUSE Obama wasn't on the ballot there.

from the AP:

"The sticking point was Michigan, where Obama's name was not on the ballot.

Clinton's camp insisted Obama shouldn't get any pledged delegates in Michigan since he chose not to put his name on the ballot, and she should get 73 pledged delegates with 55 uncommitted. Obama's team insisted the only fair solution was to split the pledged delegates in half between the two campaigns, with 64 each."

thats so fair! lets nominate this woman to the Supreme Court!


Martin Weiss said...

partly resolved as of tonight

MI and FL get 50% of the delegates that they would have gotten if they hadn't moved their primary up

basically the same formula the R's did 4 months ago

the various Hillary DeathWatch sites are calling her nearly out

coincidentally, Senator Helen Bruckner will get killed by Gun on June 2 on the 6 am episode.

George Weiss said...


the resolution you speak of from the committee may be appealed from by Hillary. This was an argument she made to the committee and may make again.

Martin Weiss said...

one of the (at least 4 Hillary death watch sites) has her odds of winning the Donk nomination at 0.4%

George Weiss said...