Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The ever aggravating DNC

First I heard some people complaining that having superdelegates in the democratic presidential primary at all was pretty silly. But I also heard the answers that superdelagetes are part of the agreed to system, and that there have to be objective leaders in the party

But then we hear of Clinton and Obama's massive campaign contributions to suerdelagets running elsewhere. (Pointed out in the Boston's Globe article just liked to is that giving money to a single voter to vote for a candidate would be ridiculous-but that we seem tolerate it at the level of superdelagtes-which count many many many more times than a single vote) How objective these superdelagtes must be!

And then I hear that Hillary Clinton's position is for the Florida and Michigan delagates to count normally, despite her violation of the rules in both states by campaigning there, and despite Obama not being on the ballot in Michigan and not campaigning in Florida pursuant to the same rules which she broke, and despite prior rulings by the DNC that the delegates there would not count becuase of violations of party rules.

So much for rules. The possibility, however slight, that these delegates could be the deciding factor (or indirectly deciding factor- as counting Florida and Michigan will have an effect on superdelagates) makes a mockery not only of democratic principals-but of fundamental principals of reliance on agreements between parties.

I even hear that it seems like a political possibility given that most democrats, even Obama, do support counting Florida and Michigan in at least some way-yet virtually nobody is thinking of paying for a revote. I also understand that the party has the right to nominate anyone it wants reagraless of any rules-because it has first amendment rights to support whoever they want-so the courts could not fix this unfairness.

All that alone is pretty aggravating to me.

I didn't need then, for Hillary to make the situation look more ridiculous, by today coming out with a statement comparing the need to count these delegates to freeing the southern slaves. No, I'm not joking, click on the link.

So how could it be worse?

How about talk, in the Washington Post, of a future President Obama nominating this same Hillary Clinton to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States? Forget about the fact that she has no judicial experience nor has even showed interest-her statements today virtually prove that she has no concept of fairness.

A while back I predicted that Florida and Michigan would count and Hillary would win by that and Obama would have no remedy-that seems unlikely now.

New prediction: someone finds a loophole in the DNC "rules" which allow even "pledged delegates" to vote however they want according to the 'technical rules" -wouldn't that be just hilarious?

EDIT: oh wait-its already being talked about here... i suppose this is what happens when you have no real rules

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